Tudor performer Catherine Parr

Elizabeth "Elle" has been fascinated by history, particularly the Tudor Dynasty from an early age via her Tudor-obsessed mother. Over the years her interest has grown and evolved to include other periods/aspects of our rich history. Combining this love with Living History Performance is a dream job.

This has led her to so many interesting opportunities including being involved in theatre, film and TV including “Wall to Wall” production The Sweetmakers: A Tudor Treat’, an “STV” production Fireworks Fit for a Tudor Queen with Lucy Worsley and Gentleman Jacktogether with several period dramas currently in post-production. As well as promenade theatre work including Jane Eyre at Haddon Hall, Elizabeth works as Kathryn Parr and Emma Dent at Sudeley Castle and portrayed MQoS in Derbyshire!

Elizabeth is comfortable portraying all of the six wives or indeed his more prominent mistresses! In fact, at one time or other she has become most of the leading female contemporaries of the entire Tudor era! In addition to managing Past-Times Living History, appearing in period drama for TV and film, performing with the prestigious Gloriana Living History and Dance group, she is also in demand as a public speaker and is a script writer.