Past-Times Living History includes the UK’s leading professional Henry VIII historical interpreter. Tony is an actor/stand up comedian as well as spending much of his time as Henry. He is multi-lingual and truly inhabits his character.

With him we have developed an imagined scenario where he is flanked by all six wives. Imagine six mothers-in-law! This is unique and has been hugely successful. It needs to be seen by all and so we are keen to roll this out to as many venues as possible. Please contact us for further details!

Delivered with historical accuracy but a comedic twist – our offering really does make for a very entertaining event. We encourage the audience to interact and, despite it not being “real”, you simply have to see the effect that Henry has on the audience. Sitting in conversation with a ‘queen’ glamorously attired in authentic and opulent costume simply makes people feel very special. They lose themselves in the splendour of the period. It’s that added extra you can’t quantify so you just have to see it!


We have performed as ‘Henry’s Court’ or held court as ‘Queen and her Ladies in Waiting’ as well as having some of the company perform characters from other historical periods. Many of the group also study and perform early dance.

In addition to our acclaimed performances, we promenade and engage with our audience unlike many other theatre companies who are less approachable. This makes for extremely happy and satisfied visitors who are likely to recommend a visit to YOUR venue to other prospective guests and indeed return themselves.

We can help you plan a hugely successful and memorable corporate or team-building event not to mention ensuring it’s YOU who potential clients remember from the rest at promotional events. All in all, Past-Times Living History offer everyone a happy, memorable and unique experience that is also excellent value for money!


PTLH can provide a full, opulent court or a more intimate ensemble such as Henry with a Wife of your choice or a Queen and her ladies in waiting. Perhaps a medieval Queen such as Elizabeth Woodville or Elizabeth of York or the Stuart monarch, Mary Queen of Scots might be more suitable for your venue and your needs? Could Queen Victoria favour you with her presence?

Many of the group study and perform early dance and we like nothing better than our audiences joining in the fun.

We can also provide speakers on a range of subjects, please contact us with your specification.

For further information or to help you organise an event, please contact us. Alternatively, please come along to an event to see for yourself.